Henry with Honey & Big Daddy (this grandfather name was not chosen by him) in the background. I loved this picture.
This is my mom's table at Thanksgiving. Growing up, mom always did these beautiful table centerpieces and I know I took them for granted. Not sure if any of her 4 daughters gave her the proper response. Now as I try to attempt these holiday decorations and table decor-I def try to channel mamasita's touch & realize it is harder than she made it look.
Henry and his cousin Lewis, who is his nonstop entertainment when they are together. Henry laughs at him and that keeps Lewis entertaining.

My niece Clara and mom making gingerbread men. Notice the Piggly Wiggly raisins, I'll be so sad when the Piggly Wiggly is no more. BTW, they have the very best 5 layer Caramel Cake they sell in their bakery-they don't make them there. But they are fabulous, better than our local Primos & half the price.

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