g for geoff

This is for my sweet Chattanooga friend, Eun-Jin's new little boy, Geoff. I'm so happy for your new little family and I know you are such a wonderful mother to baby G.

sallie's painting

Sallie is one of my sweetest customers! I love painting things for her because she gets so excited about them-let's hope this is the case this time! This is for her red dining room-she has 2 precious boys who run wild with my niece and nephews in Birmingham.


recent things

This is a first baby's Christmas ornament, which HAD to have Auburn colors. Thanks, Sallie!

Wedding invite (shown wrapped as well-I looove to wrap things). Thanks, Anna-good to be back in touch!!!!

flea market update

Y'all the flea market was so much fun and I did so much better than I ever thought. These ladies were ready to shop-forget about that silly economy. It was sweet to have friends stop by the booth and I met some very nice people. But really, I felt like it was definitely a blessing to not return home with my loot.


Flea Market bound!

Hope you guys aren't tired of me talking about the Canton Flea Market-hubby sure is. He just told me I couldn't come home with all this loot-so I'm extra motived to spread the word. Soooo, here is where I'll be. Click on the image to see detail. I will sell the remainder of the goodies here on the site. I have these cute little pocket 2009-2010 calendars too! Email me if you need parking recommendations if you are heading to Canton this Thursday & do call my cell if you can't find us once you arrive-506-5265. Goodness, say a little prayer that people want to buy my stuff! You just never know...