t.couture opening

I wanted to share this graphic design project I've been working on. It is an ad campaign for an upscale women's boutique, t.couture, opening October 1 in Banner Hall/Jackson. The owner is Tracy Summers and she has been a wonderful client-essentially the perfect client. And she would definitely be a fun person to shop with. A former co-worker of mine, Wes Williams, copywriter extraordinaire did the snazzy headlines & copy. If you are in the Jackson market, you'll hear the radio spots he wrote. I worked with a super talented photographer-Daphne Nabors, great to work with her. Check out her store-she will have some beautiful things. I don't usually post my graphic design work here, but I thought you ladies may appreciate them.


This is a BOO hanger for the birthday girl-Edie! Love ya, chickadee & so glad to have you in my life-we've been friends since the early days. If you need one, please let me know-$20. The size is 6"x8".

I love Halloween, 2nd to Christmas. I just wish I could dress up with Henry when we trick or treat this year (guess no one's stopping me). Henry is going to be a turtle-got his costume yesterday!!!!!

welcome, mary clayton!!!!

Miss Mary Clayton Stewart arrived yesterday! I can't wait to meet you. Congrats to Brady, Kathryn & Ford! This is a little door hanger for the sweet baby girl.


shop early

Friends, be thinking ahead to Christmas. If you have any orders you'd like to place, I will take these in October only. Whether it be a custom watercolor for a friend, an existing verse framed up, a painting-whatever you can think of-I'm game. And if there is a just a price you'd like to pay and don't know exactly what you want, I can work this way too. Oh & there are the gift certificates too!

Here's to a not-so-hectic, wonderful Christmas season!!!!


And the winner is...

Well, Rena it is not an Emmy, but you have won a Hershey bar & a verse hanger! With a small amount of assistance, Henry fished your name out of the bowl. Email me at sarahlargen@yahoo.com & we'll talk details! Congrats, Rena Elder-you can no longer say, "I never win anything!"

Thanks so much for all your chocolate faves and putting your name in the hat, it was fun for me to read these little posts. I'll have to keep doing this. I love my little blog familia.



Getting ready for the Canton flea market, have recruited hubby to help cut and assemble! He's a good sport. So I've been crafting even though I haven't posted much lately. Also been working on a fun freelance graphic design project, I'll have to do a follow-up post on this and tell you about it-it may appeal to you fashionistas out there.

So I just realized that this is my 100th post & to make it fun, let's do this....
...comment to this post with name & your favorite candy bar, I'll put your name in the hat & have a drawing this Sunday for a giveaway to one of these verse hangers (along with this favorite candy bar of yours, now I need to get a Skor bar). Free shipping to my out-of-towners. I will post the winner Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. The choice is all yours on the verse hanger. Hope to hear from you & it doesn't matter if I know you or not. I know how blog world works, I have never laid eyes on half the bloggers that I visit.

(btw, I must give credit to my blogland friend noodle & lou for the 100th post giveaway idea-she is my bloggirl idol).