FLEA MARKET BOUND & other news

Grab your fanny packs, play hookie and join the oodles of other ladies this year at the Canton Flea Market. Put Thursday, October 9 on your calendar! It is something you need to experience once & especially this year because I will have a booth there. I'll be on the south side of the square near the gazebo. Come see me!!!! Last time I had a booth at the flea market, I made these yard signs with quotes like "a weed is but an unloved flower" & other corny things like this-I was sure these ladies at the flea market were the prime market for these lovely hand painted yard signs, BUT NO. I walked away with in the red-I literally lost money. So unfortunately for my friends, they received these as gifts all throughout the following year. I'm hoping to at least cover the cost of my booth this year-we shall see. I will mainly be selling my watercolor Bible verses framed up in different ways.

And on another TOTALLY personal note, little Henry is going to be a BIG brother. We are expecting #2 March 14. We are so excited & feel so blessed. And I finally feel back in the game, been getting back into my freelance graphic design and back to painting. I was a slug there for awhile-Henry & I were watching way too much TV.

While I'm typing away, if you are on Facebook, find me-it is a whole new world for me. I love it.

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The Giffens said...

You crack me up! Perhaps, Britton and I can swing over for a big day at the flea market. Hmmm ... we'll see!