Oscar's initials

These are initial hangers I did for my friend Christy's new little one-Oscar (brother to Hazel, the pink painting down there). They are watercolors in acrylic frames mounted to rustic wood. The sizes are: 6"x6", 6"x8", 6"x6". $25 each. Can't wait to see this little guy.


AnnaBelle's nursery

Can't wait for little AnnaBelle to get here. You are getting some pretty great parents, baby girl!



If you want a commission for a friend, but unsure about what she may like. I will mail a gift certificate to the recipient for you & we can be in touch about specifics. Any amount is welcomed! Email me with questions: sarahlargen@yahoo.com

step stool

5x7 watercolor verse

This was commissioned by a friend to give to someone joining their church.

5"x5" door hanger

henry is one!

Just had to share, little man is 1. So hard to believe. He's turned our quiet little world upside down-made things interesting for us. This past year has been such a gift. Love ya, baby boy.