Gigi & Honey

Tim (my hubby) & I are soooo blessed with the best moms in the whole universe. To Henry (and 10 other grandkids between them)-they are Gigi & Honey, here is Henry at the hospital getting his first introduction to them both.

These are pieces I did for them for Mother's Day. "Men are what their mothers made them" is for Tim's mom, the mother to 2 kind, loving men. JoAnna/Honey taught Tim so many wonderful things and I'm so thankful for the way she loves Tim and all of us.

"I remember my mother's prayers & they have always followed me-they have clung to me all of my life." is for my mom, Margaret/Gigi, the praying mother of 4 daughters. She used to pray with us at the kitchen table before we'd go to school in the morning & I know she has never stopped, because I can truly feel her prayers! We love you both & Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

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