gimme some

This was so funny to watch & it needed to be shared. Here is Henry's cousin-Elizabeth, torturing him with her yummy, ooey-gooey bowl of chocolate ice cream. He had enough and was going in!

addie's twirly dress

This is for Beverly & Davey's new little girl-Addie, it was commissioned by my sister Meg. Beverly was the one only person I knew when I moved to Chattanooga right after college. I'm so happy for your new little family & this baby girl!

gena's verse

This was a thank-you to my friend, Gena, who graciously hosted our ladies bible study at her home. It is a very special group of women and it has been such a treat knowing them. We are all different ages and in different stages in life and I've learned so much from them. I always look forward to my Tuesday mornings!

georgia & blake's hangers

These were commissioned by a fabulous customer-Meg. Hope these brighten up these happy nurseries. Thanks for the order!!!

Confirmation gift

This is a confirmation gift for a boy in our church-Luke. The painted verse+matte=$25, which fits in a standard 8x10 frame. You can purchase on your own or I can select one for you.

ABC step stool

Another one of these step stools, go get you one at Target, put it on my doorstep & I'll paint it up for ya. The step stool is $25 & my paint job is $25-60 depending on detail.

Birthday Gift-Stacey is 40!!!!

And we all know 40 is the new 25! Happiest day to you, Miss Stacey!!!!


new orleans

Hubby & I went to New Orleans for our 5 year anniversary the other weekend. Woo-hoo. Great time and hubby was so indulgent and went with me to my Magazine St. hit list. The old & new faves we wandered into: Derby Pottery, Perch (home decor-would have moved in there), Cafe Baby, Gogo jewelry, UAL & La Divina Gelateria (some of the very best I've had-crazy flavors like avocado, spicey chocolate & the like).


teacher gifts!

Has the end of the school year snuck up on you & you need a teacher happy? Me too, that is why I am just posting this! These are watercolor prints with metallic ink & ribbon detail. 5 x 7 print with acrylic frame=$12 & $1 extra for gift wrap. If you order 5 or more, they are $10 each. Just give me a couple of days turn-around. Email or call me (601-605-1610).


Gigi & Honey

Tim (my hubby) & I are soooo blessed with the best moms in the whole universe. To Henry (and 10 other grandkids between them)-they are Gigi & Honey, here is Henry at the hospital getting his first introduction to them both.

These are pieces I did for them for Mother's Day. "Men are what their mothers made them" is for Tim's mom, the mother to 2 kind, loving men. JoAnna/Honey taught Tim so many wonderful things and I'm so thankful for the way she loves Tim and all of us.

"I remember my mother's prayers & they have always followed me-they have clung to me all of my life." is for my mom, Margaret/Gigi, the praying mother of 4 daughters. She used to pray with us at the kitchen table before we'd go to school in the morning & I know she has never stopped, because I can truly feel her prayers! We love you both & Happy Mother's Day to all of you.


captain jack

These 2 are for baby Jack's safari-themed nursery. I can't wait to meet you when you arrive in June!

happy mom's day to Janet

This is a commission from my friend Frannie for her mom-Janet. They are a very special family and it was such a treat to do this for her.

Canton Cousins

These 2 invites are for two sweet girls from Canton who are cousins and getting married within a couple of months of each other. The best to you and yours! So happy for you both.